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Introduction to Simutrans

Choose your game environment. Then, think you are a young businessman, provided with a little money inherited from your granparents.

Your goal ? Build a successful transport company !

Over the time and with a piece of luck, your small company will become a large business. Check its profitability transporting goods et sastifying millions of passengers monthly. Transport passengers, mails and freight by buses, trucks, trains, boats, planes, maglevs, … Each game era offers something different. Notice your surrounding environment… its future is in your hands, as your rival's one.

At the beginning, it would be wise to supply power plants with raw materials. Then, you could extend your network to other industries.

You perhaps want to build a passengers'transporting network. This way is more difficult, since this world's inhabitants have precise destinations. Some want to go at work, some others want to go shopping at the mall. There are some tourists. If you don't offer service to the desired destination, the potential passenger will simply stay at home. A good network will assure cities'growth along your ways and, as a feedback, industries will install there.

There is no time limit, you can begin in 1880 and finish in 2050. The time will bring up new vehicles, new industries, new buildings. You can play allone or against the AI. But check you aren't in debt more than three months unless the bank will shut down your company!

The Simutrans'team and the community hope you will enjoy hours of playing!

For more informations, take a look at the wiki.


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