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You will find on this page all the download links for Simutrans and pak128.

SNFOS addons which are up to date (i.e. outside of the archive page) are for pak128 2.5.0 and later. You may get graphical or economical compatibility problems on older pak128 versions.


The latest official release of Simutrans is 120.4.1 .

(Windows) Simutrans 120.4.1
(Windows, SDL) Simutrans 120.4.1
(Linux Intel 64 bit) Simutrans 120.4.1
Simutrans 120.4.1 is not yet officially compiled for linux 32 bits and Mac

Nightly builds include all the last changes done to the code.
Stability is not guaranteed !
Nightly builds'page


Savegames from pak128 earlier than 2.5.0 are not compatible with versions from 2.5.0.

Below is the latest official and stable release of pak128. Make sure to have an up to date version of Simutrans.


Makeobj is the program which compiles addons from Simutrans (see the addon creating tutorial).