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Covered market chain

This chain was designed by Gwalch (parameters) and mEGa (graphics)
Set of buildings includes winter and summer viewes but only one cardinal point at moment.

Global presentation

The first idea was to create industral chain which feed all that we can find in a food market of middle size city and we got few typical suppliers

Sources for buildings

The Covered market for city centre is freely adaptation of the covered market of Dijon - Burgundy country, France

Chain organisation

Plan of the dependences and goods


Thanks to the novelties of the version 110 of Simutrans, the orchard and the market gardener can benefit from different fields. We inserted it 3 of them per factory.

Orchard :

  • apple tree
  • apricot tree
  • cherry tree

Market gardener :

  • strawberries field
  • vegetable 1 field
  • vegetable 2 filed


Covered market Main parameters
DistributionWeight=1, productivity=300, range=100, pax_level=80, InputGood[0]=fish, InputCapacity[0]=300, InputSupplier[0]=1, InputFactor[0]=50, InputGood[1]=meat, InputCapacity[1]=300, InputSupplier[1]=1, InputFactor[1]=50, InputGood[2]=Cider, InputCapacity[2]=450, InputSupplier[2]=1, InputFactor[2]=65, InputGood[3]=Cheese, InputCapacity[3]=400, InputSupplier[3]=1, InputFactor[3]=70, InputGood[4]=Fruits, InputCapacity[4]=350, InputSupplier[4]=1, InputFactor[4]=100, InputGood[5]=Vegetables, InputCapacity[5]=350 InputSupplier[5]=1, InputFactor[5]=120
Orchard Main parameters
 Productivity=250, Range=100, OutputGood[0]=Fruits, OutputCapacity[0]=600, pax_level=20, needs_ground=1,max_fields=60, min_fields=10, probability_to_spawn=50 production_per_field[x]=1,storage_capacity[x]=5, spawn_weight[x]=25
Market Gardener Main parameters
DistributionWeight=1 Productivity=200, Range=120, OutputGood[0]=Vegetables, OutputCapacity[0]=500, pax_level=15, needs_ground=1, max_fields=60, min fields=10, probability_to_spawn=50, production_per_field[x]=1, storage_capacity[x=5, spawn_weight[x]=25
Factory Cider Main parameters
DistributionWeight=1, productivity=200, range=100, pax_level=25, InputGood[0]=Fruits, InputCapacity[0]=1200, InputSupplier[0]=3, InputFactor[0]=140, OutputGood[0]=Cider, OutputCapacity[0]=1000, OutputFactory[0]=100

New version

pakset named “full” offers few buildings according to periods since 1850, date of apparition of covered market. For example, market gardener :

Parameters of production and consumers were consequently also adapted (we produce less in 19th century;-)

To do

  • Create another versions in old periods
  • another viewes N, E, W of each buildings
  • Improve building covered market

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