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SNCF Class Z6400 is a suburban EMU used in Paris'region, on transilien line L, starting from Saint-Lazare station (North-West of Paris).

SNCF needs a new train to replace last “Standard” trains of Paris'region. Class Z6100 suffers from too weak engines, therefore class Z6400 is ordered. These are the last trains made out of stainless steel (“inox”), though their angular design and large blue stripe make them different from their ancestors. Each train has two propelled carriages, each one using the same engine as class Z5300, giving them twice the power for barely the same weight. The first Z6400 trains were used in 1976 on Roissy's line (North of Paris) just before its integration in RER line B (one of Paris'suburb lines), then all Z6400 trains are used on the lines which start from Saint-Lazare station. They entered service as 750 V DC third rail electrification (used by “Standard” EMUs) was replaced by 25 kV AC overhead electrification.

A Z6400 trainset is composed of four carriages and can be coupled to make multiple units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
L+2C+L 120 kmph 1.0 * 2360 kW 190 t 720 passengers