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Class Z5600 is a suburban double-deck EMU used by SNCF on RER and transilien network (Paris'suburb lines).

These trains follow VB 2n, using same double-deck layout, though the engines are distributed along the train whereas VB 2n need a locomotive. A such layout gives better adherence and performance on lines with frequent stops, therefore this train is adapted to suburban service.

Z5600 cars were built before their propelled carriages, thus they were first used in three carriages surrounded by two locomotives pattern. The first complete units replaced class Z5300 on RER line C. Then, when class Z20500 were delivered, Z5600 have been dedicated to far suburb service (mostly Transilien line R, south-east of Paris).

Firstly used in four carriages trainsets, two carriages have been added so as to gain capacity (at the expense of a loss of acceleration).

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
L+2C+L 140 kmph 1.0 * 2800 kW 212 t 836 passengers
L+4C+L 140 kmph 1.0 * 2800 kW 294 t 1332 passengers