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Class Z23000 is a suburban EMU. It was first built for CMP (Metropolitan rail company of Paris), then acquired by RATP (Company in charge of Paris'metro, two RER lines, most buses in Paris'region and some trams) at its creation.

Z23000 were ordered in 1934 and built from 1937 just after the electrification of the line of Sceaux, south of Paris, which is now part of RER (Paris'regional network) line B. They were designed from metro units Sprague-Thompson in order to serve the suburb of Paris with high capacity trains. From 1984 they are replaced with MI 79 (Z8100), although Z23000 are still used at winter 1985 while MI 79 got broken down because of snow. Today, all Z23000 units have been recycled in spite of efforts from association Z23 to keep some.

Z23000 trainsets are composed of identical railcars, at least two so as to have one driving cab per end.


Name Speed Power Weight Payload
80 km/h 0.8* 348 kW 45 t 110 passengers