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Station extensions


Essential parameters

Parameter Description Content Example
obj object type building
type building type extension
name name text SNFOS_glass_hall_small_front
intro_year introduction year number 1990
intro_month introduction month number 1
retire_year retire year number 2080
retire_month retire month number 1
copyright name of the creator text Gauthier
NoInfo don't display a window when click on the object
This won't prevent station's content window from displaying !
boolean 1
noconstruction don't display the construction picture boolean 0
needs_ground Draw the ground below the building (if it doesn't cover all the tile) boolean 0
enables_pax station can accept passengers boolean 1
enables_post station can accept mails boolean 1
enables_ware station can accept goods boolean 0
level number of passengers/mails/goods that the station can stock (*32 units) number