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Citybuildings, curiosities, monuments, etc ...


Essential parameters

Parameter Description Content Example
obj object type building
type building type internal name res
name name text RES_SNFOS_01_80
intro_year introduction year number 2000
intro_month introduction month number 1
retire_year retire year number 2080
retire_month retire month number 1
copyright name of the creator text Gauthier
NoInfo don't display a window when click on the object boolean 0
noconstruction don't display the construction picture boolean 0
needs_ground Draw the ground below the building (if it doesn't cover all the tile) boolean 0
level level for passengers and mails (passengers/mails -1) number
climates climate where the building can be constructed internal name temperate


Name Description
res residential buidling
com commercial building
ind industrial building
tow townhall
mon monument
cur curiosity
hq HQ of the player


type com ind others
passengers (*level) *1 *1 *1
mails (*level) *2 *0,5 *1


Climates in Simutrans

Don't use a climate allows a building to be build everywhere. It's possible to use several climates by separating them with a comma, example :

climates=desert, temperate, tundra, rocky

Parameter for TOW, MON

Parameter Description Content Example
build_time required number of inhabitants of the city to build nombre 4000

Parameter for RES, COM, IND, CUR

Parameter Description Content Example
chance probabilités que le bâtiment soit construit nombre 20

Pour les attractions touristiques ce nombre va de 20 à 65

Define the location of curiosities

Nothing to add to place the curiosity anywhere on the map.

For the curiosity to be built in a town (like schools, etc …) add the parameter “build_time”.

For the curiosity to be built on the shore (like lighthouses) use “climates=water”.