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Touristic Attractions for Simutrans pak128


Name Progress Comments Author Download Update date
Primary school French school built in 50-60 mEGa ecole_primaire.pak april 2011
Radiant House progression100e.jpg Housing Unit “La Maison Radieuse” of Le Corbusier built on 1955 located in Rezé (Nantes France)
Housing Unit is often cited as the initial inspiration of the Brutalist architectural style and philosophy;
pre-release version including night, summer and winter viewes over (with four faces over 3×3 tiles)
doc page
now included into official pak128
mEGa radiant_house.pak 2011/06/18
Villa Savoye progression100e.jpg Famous house built by Le Corbusier in 1928-31 in Poissy near Paris France. Last version with the winter view doc page mEGavilla_savoye.pak 2012/01/15
Cross country skiing resort progression100e.jpg cross country skiing resort in winter and serenity quitly park for walking across pines and trees in Summer. Will be included in next version of pak128
page doc
mEGa cross_country_skiing_resort.pak

Touristic Attractions

Name Progress Comments Author Download Updated date
Angers'castle progression90.jpg Beta version explaination text to be done Aquel
Eiffel Tower progression90.jpg Beta version explaination text to be done no ilumination on this beta Aquel building.tour_eiffel.pak
Saint Michael's Mount progression100e.jpg full version with night lights and sumer/winter viewes doc page mEGa mont_st_michel.pak.zip13/07/28

Monuments, Churchs

Name Progress Comments Author Download Updated date
Cathedral of Chartres progression10.jpg simplified sight of the existing cathedral mEGa
Sacred Heart Munchen progression100e.jpg Adaptation of the famous church of Munchen (Germany) :Herz Jesu Kirche
appearing for 1997
Now included in pak128
mEGa building.sacred_heart_munchen.pak
Chapel of Ronchamp progression10.jpg Adaptation of the famous chapel of Le Corbusier (France) mEGa
Holy Genevieve Library progression100e.jpg Adaptation of old library “Sainte Geneviève” located in Paris appearing on old time of the game Now included in pak128
doc page
mEGa library_holy_genevieve.pak
BNF progression0.jpg Freely daptation of National Library of France (BNF) located in Paris mEGa


Name Progresst Comment(s) Author Download Updated date
Mini Central Park progression100e.jpg Big park of center town wich is designed with topology of famous Central Park of New York
Now included in last pak128
doc page
mEGa central_park.pak
Little park progression100e.jpg A little french garden for center of city page doc mEGa french_park_1.pak
French garden progression100e.jpg A big french garden for center of city page doc mEGa french_garden_4.pak