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SNCB M4 car

The M4 cars were originally ordered for the Intercity trains, but, with the comissionning of moderner cars, they're actually used on peak hour trains.

They had two liveries, the deep red livery, and the “New Gen” livery.

These cars have the particularity to have some structural differences between the 1st and the 2nd class cars. The first class have two small doors on they're extremities, and the second class have two large doors on the third of the car.


Name Max speed Weight Capacity
Pilot-car 160 km/h 39 t 48 passengers
1st class car 160 km/h 38 t 72 passengers
2nd class car 160 km/h 38 t 104 passengers


Livery Progress File .pak Sources
Deep red livery sncb_m4_bordeaux_2.pak Sources_original_M4
“New Gen” livery SNCB_modernized_M4.pakSources_modernized_M4