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Régiolis is a set of electric or dual-mode multiple units used for regional service.

French regions have ordered these trains in order to replaced old TER (French regional service outside the region of Paris) rolling stock. They belong to Alstom's “Coradia polyvalent” family which includes several versions with different engines (electric or dual-mode), different lengths and different interior arrangements (periurban, regional, intercity). These trains have entered service since April 2014.

These trains are usually dual power to drive in France only though triple power versions exist so as to drive in Germany and Switzerland. This train's main asset is its lightness and its permanent-magnets engines which entail a lower energy consumption.

The versions of this train reproduced in Simutrans are the dual-mode (used as diesel) version and the electric one, both with periurban arrangement (maximum capacity, two doors per side on most vehicles). The three lengths are available : short (three vehicles), medium (four vehicles) and long (six vehicles). They can drive in multiple units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
B83500 3c 160 kmph 2.5 * 850 kW 133 t 297 passengers
B83500 4c 160 kmph 2.5 * 850 kW 164 t 403 passengers
B83500 6c 160 kmph 2.5 * 1275 kW 259 t 647 passengers
Z54500 3c 160 kmph 1.5 * 1700 kW 133 t 297 passengers
Z54500 4c 160 kmph 1.5 * 1700 kW 164 t 403 passengers
Z54500 6c 160 kmph 1.5 * 2550 kW 259 t 647 passengers