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French deluxe goods made in France based industrial chains

Main presentation

"PERFUME" chain

The original idea results from Aquel who created the three elements in first: - flower-producing with greenhouses - laboratory where perfume are designed - Shopping mall (inspired by a Louis Vuitton mall in Paris)

After release 112.2 of Simutrans and release 3.2 of pak128, french members decided to modify the parameters and adding small flowers shop to complete the chain. Gwalch recalculated this parameters and mEGa designed the flowers shop and corrected some graphic bugs of the laboratory (and adding the winter view)

Uploading notice

if you use this chain in existed games and you want to upload in last version, there is a list of manipulation making in “addons” repository of Simutrans: 1) delete single pak files

  • good_parfum.pak
  • good_fleur.pak
  • good_bouquet.pak
  • field_serre_floral.pak

2) replace old file pak of each factory with new unzipped files 3) copy Goods_for_perfume_chain.pak file (including all goods in one)