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MLM dev. structures

Buildings of former MLM dev. 2

This project will be released on the international forum when complete. No test release is planned.


Each one includes a ground version, an elevated version, a bridge and a tunnel. These ways will match the style of pak128's tracks (straight curves, switch with different positions, no more bridge + connection bridge but only one bridge).

Name Speed Available Progress
early urban Mtrack 80 km/h 1970-2000 progression0.jpg
urban Mtrack 100 km/h 2000 progression0.jpg
early suburban Mtrack 120 km/h 1970-2000 progression0.jpg
suburban Mtrack 150 km/h 2000 progression0.jpg
early low speed Mtrack 190 km/h 1970-2000 progression0.jpg
low speed Mtrack 210 km/h 2000 progression0.jpg
early regional Mtrack 260 km/h 1970-2000 progression0.jpg
regional Mtrack 280 km/h 2000 progression0.jpg
early med speed Mtrack 340 km/h 1975-2005 progression0.jpg
med speed Mtrack 360 km/h 2005 progression0.jpg
early intercity Mtrack 430 km/h 1980-2010 progression0.jpg
intercity Mtrack 450 km/h 2010 progression0.jpg
early high speed Mtrack 530 km/h 1985-2015 progression0.jpg
high speed Mtrack 550 km/h 2015 progression0.jpg
improved high speed Mtrack 660 km/h 2020 progression0.jpg
very high speed Mtrack 780 km/h 2040 progression0.jpg
super speed Mtrack 910 km/h 2060 progression0.jpg


Not planned yet. Probably a future adaptation of a future rail stations set based on current SNFOS stations which are included in MLM dev.


Waiting for a precise planning of ways'graphics to add more uncommon sets like MLM dev.'s signals for elevated ways.

Ground signals set progression0.jpg


Not planned yet.