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This addon is updated for pak128 2.5.0 and higher (half heights).

Content of this project is not economically balanced for current versions of pak128.

MLM dev pak128 2.5.0 and higher
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mlmdev.rar pak128 prior to 2.5.0

This project is based on a first addon for pak128 by Timothy : the MLM. But Timothy has a to do list so long as he makes nightmare of it so he couldn't continue the development of MLM.

Since I was so unpatient for his work, I have first started a new vehicles for MLM : the Cirrus, after I made other vehicles and other ways and tunnels.

At the 100th release of Simutrans, there was a new waytype for maglevs, but any signal or depot. So I have made them ^^

This project has challenged my patience so I thank you, reader, for your interest on my work.


We are in 1980, the TransRapid test facility in Emsland gets under construction in Germany. Its construction would be completed five years later. It's the longest test facility of this kind in the world.

The TransRapid way is available in game in January 2003, its max.speed is 450 km/h (280 mph).

The pre-production prototype vehicle TransRapid TR-08 is built in 1999. It has a capacity of 92 seats in front and rear and 127 seats per car.

It is marketed for the first time in China in March 2003.

The TR-08 is available in game in March 2003, It only takes passenger with a maximum speed of 431 km/h (268 mph).


2010 : The Timothy Corp. begins in magnetic transports by building the MLM, a magnetic rail more improved than TransRapid, and a vehicle : the Concept_1. Originally, it could just reach 300 km/h (186 mph) but the SNFOS copany improved it until 450 km/h (279 mph).

The MLM way is available from January 2010, its maximum speed is 600 km/h (373 mph).

The Concept_1 is available in 2010, it only takes passengers with a speed of 450 km/h (279 mph).


In 2014, seeing the succes of Concept_1, the SNFOS company creates a general-purpose train which can transport heaviest loads thanks to its innovation : the turbojet engine. It's not a joke, SNFOS put a tank and four turbojets on a cirrus front for pulling goods convoys until 300 km/h (186 mph).

Cirrus is available in November 2014, it can take passengers and mails at 500 km/h (311 mph) or goods at 300 km/h (186 mph). Its duplex cars are adapted to suburb's transports, their speed is 300 km/h (186 mph).


Five years later, a train more aerodynamics and lighter borrows Cirrus' engines : Aero splits air at 550 km/h (341 mph).

Aero is available from 2019, it can take passengers and mails at 550 km/h (341mph).


2024 : The SNFOS company completes its research about light materials and compact engines. It creates especially this time a futuristic designed train : Eole, god of wind, can propel a handful of passengers at the vertiginous speed 600 km/h (372 mph). At the same time, the Cirrus is improved, French research in nuclear fusion have allowed SNFOS company to equip its new engines with this kind of propulsion. To go with, bigger cars are created to support 500 km/h (310 mph).

Eole is available in 2024, it can takes passengers and mails at 600 km/h (372 mph), its duplex cars can run suburb's transport at 400 km/h (249 mph).

Beta-Cirrus is available in 2024, it brings a new nuclear fusion engine and a magnetic amplificator to transport very heavy loads. Then it can take goods and passengers at 400 km/h (249 mph). Using nuclear fusion engine and new fret cars for ancient Cirrus will run at 500 km/h (311 mph).


In 2029, new supra-conductors metals have been discovered, electro-magnetism is at its peak. In 2028, to prove that the run of the speed isn't finished, the SNFOS company shows its jewel : a beta version of Eole : Zephir. Its speed of 650 km/h (403 mph) makes the pilot almost useless but he's keeped with an electronic system for security reasons.

The AMT (Advanced Magnetic Techology) is available near 2029, its max.speed is 750 km/h (466 mph).

Zephir is available in 2029, it takes passengers and mails at 650 km/h (403 mph).


2034 : Ultima has reached the final objective of SNFOS company : 700 km/h (434 mph) in the canyon test facility. It's a wonderful day for SNFOS team who made the NPHSDS. You don't know what is the NPHSDS ??? The “No Pilot High Speed Drivig System” which reproduce all real pilot's reactions but accelerated with just one difference : it's that this time there really isn't any pilot !

Ultima is available in 2034, it takes passengers and mails at 700 km/h (434 mph).

Usual railway's signals have been re-created for maglevs.

Thanks to Lmallet, Prissi and Mobo because they really helped me at my begining in objects creation. Thanks to Gilles too who has tested my vehicles a couple of times and who has participated to the final project planning.