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French gastronomy based industrials chains


Initial object was simply to create one or two “little” additionnal typical french chains while trying to integrate in at least one of these chains “transport of liquids”, which is almost not exploited in the standard version of the pak 128. It was also necessary to exploit to the maximum the various already existing raw materials in the pak. The chains “Wine” and “Cheese” were thus born thus. Thereafter, the arrival of a new graphic contributor made it possible to pack these chains enormously, with very successful constructions graphically inspired of existing French buildings. The two principal contributors are mEGa and Gwalch, with the assistance and advises of the French community (or not) from the forum simutrans.

The repository “frenchfood” allows to extend industries according to the following diagram

"Wine" chain

Inspired by brewery chain

View of agricultural coop in summer

"Cheese" chain

Will be repaint later

view of the chesse dairy by night

"Biscuit" chain

Inspired by old LU factory in Nantes

more historical information

Summer view of the pastry LU

"Foie Gras" chain

Easiest chain of this french pak…but so good !

The poultry farm is freely inspired by the farmhouse of “Gers”, famous country for production of foie gras.

Summer view of the poultry farm