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Furniture dealer

Global presentation

This element comes to supply the industrial chain “Pieces of furniture” which does not have any more this in the international pak128 because it stops with the factory of pieces of furniture.

This factory is ploppable in the cities and accepts only one supplier (the factory of pieces of furniture).

Pak has only one view for four directions but has too a winter wiew

summer viewwinter view


  • ground occupation : 2×2 tiles
  • intro_year=1930
  • intro_month=1
  • location=City
  • DistributionWeight=1
  • productivity=100
  • range=100
  • pax_level=75
  • InputGood[0]=Moebel
  • InputCapacity[0]=60
  • InputSupplier[0]=1
  • InputFactor[0]=100
  • MapColor=174
  • climates=desert,tropic,mediterran, temperate, tundra, rocky