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TGV Réseau

TGV Réseau is an electric high speed trains used by SNCF. It can reach 320 kmph.

It's the third generation of TGV, which entered service from 1992 on the newly opened LGV Nord (High speed line of Northern France). TGV Réseau derive from TGV Atlantique with shorter trains (eight cars instead of ten). These trains can be used on all French high speed lines, hence the name “Réseau” which means “Network” in French. There is a dual-power and a triple-power version of this train. Unlike previous generations, the cars are isolated against pressure issues while entering or exiting tunnels.

Between 2006 and 2007, some trains were split. Locomotives have been used with double-deck cars to form “réseau-duplex” trains whereas the cars have been used to make some TGV POS trains.

TGV Réseau trains are made of two locomotives and an articulated set of eight carriages including a bar. They can be used in multiple units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
10 vehicles 320 kmph 1.7 * 8800 kW 383 t 442 passengers