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SNCF Class Z5100 are suburban EMUs formerly used in Paris'suburb.

Class Z5100 was based on Z3700 and designed to equip Paris'suburb. The resulting stock was slightly different, without permanent passage between cars because of too expansive maintenance costs, and with only one propelled carriage in each train. These trains were refurbished in 1974, interior changed and brake was improved. Once replaced by later stock, class Z5100 served outside of Paris'region.

Z5100 were first used in double-carriage trainsets, giving good performance, then a carriage was added. Four-carriage trainsets existed but their acceleration was just enough to serve long range schedules. They can be used in multiple units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
2 vehicles 120 kmph 1.2 * 880 kW 94 t 264 passengers
3 vehicles 120 kmph 1.2 * 880 kW 126 t 417 passengers
4 vehicles 120 kmph 1.2 * 880 kW 158 t 570 passengers