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Class Z4100 are PO's suburban EMUs (“PO” is a former rail company running lines between Paris and Orléans) used in Paris'region and in South-Western France.

They were used from 1925. Unlike “standard” EMUs used at the same time, Z4100 used to get power from a pantograph. They were used in Paris'suburb on PO's lines. After the creation of SNCF, they were moved to South-Western France. A unit was modified so as to run in Savoie (French Alps). Class Z4100 look like Talbot cars, though they have beveled extremities.

Z4100 can be used in multiple units, they can pull one or two carriages.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
L 90 kmph 1.3 * 560 kW 65 t 114 passengers
L+C 90 kmph 1.3 * 560 kW 106 t 232 passengers
L+2C 90 kmph 1.3 * 560 kW 147 t 354 passengers