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Class Z4000 was a series of seven electric mutliple units used in Paris and its suburb, then in Tours and in Orléans.

They were made in 1904 for the company of rail from Paris to Orléans (PO) with the electrification of the line Paris-Orsay to Paris-Austerlitz and then to Juvisy (southern suburb of Paris), by a third rail powered in 600V DC. However, a small pantograph on the roof was used to power the train in the Quai d'Orsay - Paris-Austerlitz tunnel.

In 1926, the line was powered in 1500V by catenary, so Z4000 had their engines removed so as to serve as cars on other lines. They finally got back engines in the 30s.

During their service in Paris and its suburb, Class Z4000 were used at front and rear of suburb trains. They could be used in multiple units.


Name Speed Power Weight Capacity
65 km/h 1.2* 368 kW 41 t 60 passengers
PO_Z4000_car 65 km/h 0 kW 24 t 80 passengers