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SNCF Class Z22500 (also known as MI 2n Eole) is a double-deck suburban EMU, it is the SNCF's version of MI 2n (its RATP counterpart being MI 2n Altéo, serving RER line A, a busy Paris'suburb line). Z22500 is only serving RER line E.

MI 2n was developed by both SNCF (French national rail company) and RATP (a company running Paris'metro, RER line A and B, buses and some trams), resulting into two trains : MI 2n altéo used by RATP on RER line A, whose units have three propelled carriages, and MI 2n Eole (Z22500) used by SNCF on RER line E, whose units have only two propelled carriages. Interior layout is also different between the two companies. This new double-deck EMU generation is recognizable by its three large doors per side, while older double-deck EMUs (Z5600, Z8800, Z20500, Z20900) have only two per side, entailing shorter time of stops while keeping a important capacity. When RER E was just put in service in 1999, five units were assigned to St-Lazare station's suburb, then these units were reassigned to RER E when it was extended to Tournan (East of Paris) in 2003.

Z22500 is used in simple or double unit, each one being composed of five carriages : two propelled ones and three cars. When used first on St-Lazare's suburb, Z22500 trainsets were composed of four carriages including two propelled ones. Reproducing three-propelled-carriages trainsets like MI2n Altéo is possible in Simutrans.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
C+2L+C 140 kmph 1.0 * 3200 kW 232 t 1056 passengers
140 kmph 1.0 * 3200 kW 277 t 1337 passengers
140 kmph 1.0 * 4800 kW 302 t 1325 passengers