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SNCF Class X72500, dubbed “X TER” or “aspirateurs” (vacuum), is a railcar used by SNCF on TER lines (French regional network).

Class X72500 have been designed by French regions and SNCF to replace older trains. These trains had to have both good accelerations and high speed limit in order to be versatile, while being comfortable. Regions ordered 105 units from 1994, they have been built by Alstom and delivered between 1997 and 2000. Twelve more units were ordered later. Although, these trains got a bad reputation after two recalls in 1998 and 1999. They are also noisy, hence their nickname “vacuum”.

X72500 are used in multiple units, up to three units, each one being composed of two carriages, sometimes three.


Name Speed Power Weight Capacity
160 km/h 1.25 * 1200 kW 58 t 172 passengers
SNCF_SP_X72500_remorque 160 km/h 0 kW 43 t 156 passengers