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SNCF class V2n are double deck cars.

These cars were designed after carriages of class Z20500 and class Z20900 EMUs so as to increase capacity on TER (regional service) lines between Paris and neighbour regions, given that increasing frequency of trains was impossible on these lines. However, they are adapted for longer trips, seats are more comfortable, windows are tinted against Sun, speed limit was increased to 160 km/h.

V2n originally had “grandes lignes” (great lines) livery : blue bottom half and grey top half, red and green doors according to the class. Since 2002, they are in TER livery : grey with blue stripes at top and bottom.

These cars were planned to be retired in 2014. V2n trains should have been replaced by new EMUs Régiolis and Régio2N. V2n are likely to be used until around 2020.

V2n are used in reversible trainsets of seven to ten carriages.

Composition Speed Weight Capacity
7 vehicles 160 kmph 337 t 1305 passengers
10 vehicles 160 kmph 478 t 1875 passengers