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Signals need a few graphics and are very easy to place. Here is the pattern :

Lthe pattern shows the place, the direction and the position of the signals. At the top line are the red signals and at the second line are the green ones, at the right is the icon and the cursor. Blue stands for the tile which the signal is placed on, you have to remove it of course.

This is the graphical part of the .dat file pattern according to the graphical pattern :

Icon= > image.0.4


Essential parameters

Parameter Description Content Example
obj object type roadsign
waytype way type internal name maglev_track
name name text ground_SNFOS_signal
cost price (*100c) number 500
intro_year introduction year number 2003
intro_month introduction month number 1
retire_year retire year number 2100
retire_month retire month number 1
copyright name of the creator text Gauthier

Road signs parameters

Parameter(s) Description
is_private = 1 Only player vehicles can pass
single_way = 1
min_speed = 0
One way signal (possibility to have a min speed)
free_route = 1 stop choosing signal (vehicles go to a free stop)
min_speed = x Only x speed vehicles can pass

Parameters for tracks/monorails/maglevs signals

Parameter(s) Description
is_signal = 1 normal signal
is_presignal = 1 presignal
is_prioritysignal = 1 priority signal
is_signal = 1
free_route = 1
choose signal
end_of_choose = 1 end of choose signal
is_signal = 1
is_longblocksignal = 1
long block signal
single_way = 1 one way signal