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Alstom Citadis 302 "Reims"

demoreims.jpgReims tramway is a transportation system in the French city of Reims opened in April 2011. It travels through the town from North to South, along a 11km long track.

The 18 tramway rakes are Alstom Citadis, type 302. They consist of 5 body sections and have capacity for 205 passengers, including 56 sitting. They are compatible with the APS third rail system pioneered by Bordeaux. The are powered by a third rail on the ground where the overhead power lines are undesirable for heritage reasons.

The hood has been specially designed for the project to remind of a champagne glass. The livery is the work of famous designer Ruedi Baur and is based around the concept of colors. Each vehicle has its own pastel colour from a total selection of 8. The inside of the vehicles will be coloured the same way as the outside.

source : wikipedia

Technicals datas in simutrans :

vehicle spped power capacity weight gear energy availability
Citadis302_Reims_front 90 km/h 180 kWh 50 passengers 8 t 100 electric 2011 -
Citadis302_Reims_suspended 90 km/h NA 43 passengers 8 t NA electric 2011 -
Citadis302_Reims_pantograph 90 km/h 120 kWh 20 passengers 6 t 100 electric 2011 -
Citadis302_Reims_back 90 km/h 180 kWh 50 passengers 8 t 100 electric 2011 -

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