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Alstom TFS “Nantes”

tramwaynantes.jpgThe present tramway is notable as the first 'new generation' tramway to be built in Europe, reversing the trend of tramway closures that had been going on since the middle of the 20th century and becoming the first in a wave of tramways built from scratch in France and the rest of Europe.

The current tramway system is over 40 kilometres of track, and 90 stations. It is operated by Semitan, the operator of Nantes public transport network.

Line 1 opened with 20 cars of type TFS-1, this being the original variant of the Alstom TFS design.As built, the TFS-1 were double-ended, single-articulated 6-axle tramcars with a high floor and steep stepped access from low level boarding platforms. All the tramcars built in this form have since been rebuilt with an added low-floor centre section, thus becoming 8-axle double-articulated cars with a length of 38 m (125 ft).

source : wikipedia

Technicals datas in simutrans :

vehicule speed power capacity weight gear energy disponibility
Alstom_TFS_Nantes_A 75 km/h 267 kW 52 passengers 16 t *1 electric 1985-2005
Alstom_TFS_Nantes_B 75 km/h 0 52 passengers 16 t *1 electric 1985-2005