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Alstom Citadis 302 "Le Mans"


tramway du Mans is a Public transportation in bus lane inaugurated on November 17th, 2007. Two branches composed him. The first one is a big transverse “Antarès”-University. She was achevied in august 2007 and then ran 4 month's later. Second branch “Espal/Arche de la Nature” (Nature arch) was inaugurated saturday 22th december 2007. These services are assured by the company of the public transportation of the city of Le Mans named SETRAM.

It is also the cheaper tram of France with a 302 million euro cost.

tuesday 4th december 2007 The magazine Ville et transports (City and transport) awarded in Paris its “Grand Prix” of the public transportation in bus lane 2007 for this tramway of Le Mans. It is already presented as an example for cities with same size which hesitate to invest. Magazine explains the reasons of this award : Le jury a été séduit par le design du nouveau tramway ;

  • It is the cheaper tram of France (20 million euros per kilometer)
  • Delivered in due course, with a plan rather well accepted
  • success of inauguration ( ~ 250 000 people transported on November 17th and 18th); ~ 30 % of car traffic less.

This Model is Alstom Citadis 302 (trainset with 32 m length buit by Alstom) and is powerset is made by aerian line (750 V on contact). Tramway of Le Mans has Air conditioning and 32 m of lenghth, 2,40 m of width. It offers 64 seats and can welcome more than 200 persons. Flexible, this model can reach 42 meters long by adding an additional “box”.

First trainsets will be named with name of cities of “Le Mans Métrople” (district of Le Mans) and the following ones will be baptized by the personality's name having contributed to development of the city of Le Mans or to her fame. Three trainsets are named “24 heures du Mans”, “MUC 72” et “MSB”, showing sportive capacity of the city.

source : wikipedia

Technicals datas in Simutrans :

vehicule speed power capacity weight gear energy disponibility
Citadis302_Le_Mans_1 80 km/h 240 kWh 45 passengers 8 t *1 electric 2007-
Citadis302_Le_Mans_2 80 km/h NA 42 passengers 8 t NA electric 2007-
Citadis302_Le_Mans_long_version_402 80 km/h NA 30 passengers 6 t NA electric 2007-
Citadis302_Le_Mans_3 80 km/h NA 30 passengers 7 t NA electric 2007-
Citadis302_Le_Mans_4 80 km/h NA 42 passengers 8 t NA electric 2007-
Citadis302_Le_Mans_5 80 km/h 240 kWh 45 passengers 8 t *1 electric 2007-