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 +{{fr:trainsfrdoc:tgv_2n2doc.jpg  }}====== TGV RGV 2N2 ======
 +TGV "RGV 2N2 3 UA" is the third generation of double-deck TGV (after TGV Duplex and TGV DASYE) used by SNCF.
 +Like TGV DASYE, locs have evolved since first generation TGV Duplex. They now use asynchronous engines, like TGV POS.
 +On the contrary, although TGV DASYE are dual-power so they can be used only in France, TGV RGV 2N2 are triple-power, like TGV POS, so as to be used in Germany and Switzerland, so they can be used on LGV Est (Eastern high speed line), hence their name "Euro Duplex".
 +The double-deck cars are slightly less rounded than the first generation duplex cars.
 +TGV 2N2 units are made of eight cars, including a bar car, surrounded by two locomotives. They can be used in multiple units.
 +^Composition ^Speed ^Power ^Weight ^Capacity |
 +^10 vehicles  |320 kmph |1.7 * 9280 kW |390 t |599 passengers |
 +\\ \\ \\ \\
 +<WRAP download>{{fr:trainsfr:sncf_tgv_2n2.pak}} \\ {{|Source files}}</WRAP>