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TGV “RGV 2N2 3 UA” is the third generation of double-deck TGV (after TGV Duplex and TGV DASYE) used by SNCF.

Like TGV DASYE, locs have evolved since first generation TGV Duplex. They now use asynchronous engines, like TGV POS. On the contrary, although TGV DASYE are dual-power so they can be used only in France, TGV RGV 2N2 are triple-power, like TGV POS, so as to be used in Germany and Switzerland, so they can be used on LGV Est (Eastern high speed line), hence their name “Euro Duplex”. The double-deck cars are slightly less rounded than the first generation duplex cars.

TGV 2N2 units are made of eight cars, including a bar car, surrounded by two locomotives. They can be used in multiple units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
10 vehicles 320 kmph 1.7 * 9280 kW 390 t 599 passengers