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TER 2N NG (Z24500/Z26500)

SNCF Class Z24500 and Z26500, dubbed “TER 2N NG” which means new generation double-deck regional stock, are regional EMUs used by SNCF in several French regions. SNCF use numbers Z24500 for trains with two or three vehicles and Z26500 for trains with four or five vehicles.

After the success of class Z23500 (TER 2N) on crowded regional lines, SNCF ordered 211 TER 2N NG trains to Alstom. Besides that, CFL (Luxembourg's rail company) ordered 22 trains. The first trains were yielded in May 2004.

These trains were designed to be completely modular so as to add or remove a vehicle from a train without changing its performance. Indeed, these trains have distributed motorization, each carriage having one powered bogie. Moreover, these trains can be coupled with class Z23500 trains. Thus, TER 2N NG are can be adapted to every region's needs.

Despite these trains are presented as modular, there are slight differences between class Z24500 and class Z26500. The main difference is the number of pantographs: one for short trains (two or three vehicles) and two for long trains (four or five vehicles). In game, these differences are not taken into account for simplicity reasons. The trains can be coupled to form multiple units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
2 vehicles 160 kmph 1.1 * 1700 kW 130 t 372 passengers
3 vehicles 160 kmph 1.1 * 2550 kW 190 t 576 passengers
4 vehicles 160 kmph 1.1 * 3400 kW 250 t 780 passengers
5 vehicles 160 kmph 1.1 * 4250 kW 310 t 984 passengers