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Lighter Cars "Saucisson"

“Saucisson” (“sausage”) cars are express cars of the State's network (a former rail company mannaged by French government).

These newly designed cars can roll at 140 km/h. They are dubbed so because of their rounded shape. Their construction is uncommon, starting by the assembling of two lower body quarters and ending with two upper body quarters, after having mounted floor and partitions.

First class and second class compartments have six seats while third class ones have eight seats. These cars were equiped with convection air conditioner cooled with ice in summer and heated with steam in winter.

A total of 55 cars were ordered and delivered between 1937 and 1939. They were retired from 1972.


Name Speed Weight Capacity
Etat_Saucisson 140 km/h 37 t 80 passengers
Etat_Saucisson_Post_car 140 km/h 35 t 90 bags mail