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“Rames inox” - “Stainless steel trainsets” (RIB for suburban trainsets and RIO for omnibus trainsets) were built from 1960 in several sub-series until the end of the 20th century. Outside, they look like “inox” EMUs (Z5100, Z5300, etc …) which inspired them. They were built in order to replace former companies'trains which part of them were not reversible. They can be recognized by their windows grouped in three and by their three doors per side for most of them. Locomotive-side extremity is closed and arranged to carry passengers whereas the rear extremity has a driving cab so as to make the train reversible.

The first “inox” cars, ordered for Northern and Eastern suburb of Paris, were meant to be used as complete trainsets temporarily. Indeed, each half of train should have been associated with a self-propelled carriage to make three-carriages multiple units. Finally, no propelled carriage was built for these cars which kept being used with a locomotive. All RIB 60 units have been retired or upgraded to RIO 88 in 1999.

After RIB 60, “inox” EMUs were built (Z5300, Z6100 and Z6300). Then, SNCF ordered more “inox” cars : class RIB 70. In addition to RIB 60, RIB 70 got rubber window joints and rubber gangways. RIB 70 have been retired since 1998, ones which are still serving got the Transilien “smarties” livery or have been upgraded to RIO 90. They are about to be replaced by Z50000 EMUs.

RIB 76 are not very different from RIB 70. The driving cab is changed and the electric parts are changed so as to be used with diesel or 1500 V dc locomotives in some cases. They are about to be replaced by Z50000 EMUs.

RIO 77 “Stélyrail” are based on RIB 76, they were ordered for regional service. They were initially composed of three carriages in “inox” livery with Stélyrail logos. Then they were painted in red TER livery, then blue. A fourth carriage has also been added.

RIO 88 are RIB 60/62 refurbished between 1988 and 1998 and used on regional service. Their rear extremities got the same design as RRR (regional reversible units).

RIB 60 trainsets were composed of four (North and East) to eight carriages (North only). RIB 70 trinsets have three, four or seven carriages. RIB 76 trainsets have four carriages. RIO 77 trainsets are composed of three to four carriages. RIO 88 trainsets are composed of three or four carriages.

Composition Speed Weight Capacity
RIB 60 4c 120 kmph 120 t 640 passengers
RIB 60 8c 120 kmph 236 t 1280 passengers
RIB 70 3c 120 kmph 85 t 480 passengers
RIB 70 4c 120 kmph 112 t 640 passengers
RIB 70 7c 120 kmph 193 t 1120 passengers
RIB 76 4c 140 kmph 112 t 640 passengers
RIO 77 3c 140 kmph 85 t 375 passengers
RIO 77 4c 140 kmph 112 t 500 passengers
RIO 88 3c 140 kmph 85 t 375 passengers
RIO 88 4c 140 kmph 112 t 500 passengers