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MS 61

RATP Class MS61 is a type of EMU serving line RER A, the busiest regional line in Paris.

MS61 were ordered in 1963, first units were delivered in 1967 to serve Sceaux's line which is part of Southern RER line B now. Then they were used on Vincennes'line which is included in Eastern RER A later. MS61 can run only in the part of RER A which is electrified in 1500V, DC.It was delivered in five subseries recognizable by their windshield. It was refurbished a first time in the 80s. In 2009, all MS61 were refurbished a second time, getting the same exterior aspect.

On April 16, 2016, the last train of MS61 was removed from RER A after being gradually replaced by Class MI09.

A MS 61 trainset is composed of three carriages, two propelled ones with a driving cab and a central car. MS 61 are used in multiple units, up to three units.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
L+C+L 100 kmph 0.9 * 1600 kW 147 t 539 passengers