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MI 09

RATP Class MI 09 is a double-deck EMU serving RATP's part of RER line A.

The line A of RER (Paris'regional network) is the most crowded line in Europe, transporting more then a million people every day, it is about to saturate hence a constant need of solutions to relieve it. In 2008, president Nicolas Sarkozy took care of this topic which had become a political one. The chosen solution is replacing one-level trains with double-deck ones. Therefore, RATP (company in charge of Paris'metro, parts of line A and B of RER, buses and some trams) and STIF (Paris'region's transporting administration) have ordered 60 units of MI 09. 70 more units are ordered later, in 2012. These trains are based on class MI 2n which already serve RER line A and E. They're built by both Alstom and Bombardier. They also feature CCTV cameras and a system of information for passengers including screens. The first train is inaugurated by president Nicolas Sarkozy at station La Défense (West of Paris) on December 5, 2011.

MI 09 drive in either simple or double units, each one being composed of five carriages : three propelled ones surrounded by two cars.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
C+3L+C 120 kmph 0.8 * 4500 kW 289 t 1355 passengers