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Final Fantasy 8 's Intercity train

This train is a reproduction of the intercity train which is seen repeatedly in the game Final Fantasy 8. It reaches several towns on Galbadia's continent and the island of Balamb.

It is designed as a gas turbine high speed train, slightly futuristic (introduction in 2018), along with a couple of separate carriages. One is for regional service, the “Timber” car, the other is for intercity service, the “Deling” car, which reproduces the special car of president Deling.

Intercity's trainsets can be composed or either one locomotive, in which case it ends with a rear car, or two locs, one at each extremity. Locomotives have enough power to pull four or five carriages with decent performances. In exchange, composing multiple units is not possible.


Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
L + 4C 290 kmph 1.6* 3600 kW 183 t 304 passengers
L + 8C + L 290 kmph 1.6* 7200 kW 364 t 608 passengers
FF8_Timber_car 180 kmph 0 kW 21 t 96 passengers
FF8_Deling_car 240 kmph 0 kW 19 t 80 passengers
FF8_Deling_post 240 kmph 0 kW 17 t 75 mail bags