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DEV "AO" cars

DEV AO are express cars used by SNCF between 1948 and 1996.

The conception of DEV AO cars begins before World War 2. They were built after the war in order to replace destroyed stock and former rail companies'stock (SNCF was created by French government in 1938 after several rail companies operating in France). These cars were designed to be light without sacrificing safety.

When SNCF increased the speed of its express trains, DEV AO were equiped with a streamlined bottom. Six of these cars are used for the world speed record of March 28th and 29th 1955. An “inox” (stainless steel) version of this car appears later, thus the letters “AO” for “Acier Ordinaire” (ordinary steel) are added to the name of the cars to distinguish them from “DEV inox”.

The first cars were said short (23,3 m), then longer cars are made (26,4 m). Only the short ones have been created in Simutrans.


Name Speed Weight Capacity
SNCF_DEVao 140 km/h 38 t 80 passengers