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Coradia Liner

Coradia liner is an intercity train ordered by SNCF at 34 units to replace its Corail cars. First units should be delivered by the end of 2016. These dual-mode multiple units get the same layout as six-carriages-regiolis trainsets, composed of two articulated half-units.

According to some articles, liner trainsets will be composed of ten vehicles (two half-units of five vehicles). Both electric and diesel versions were created for Simutrans. The liveries which were reproduced were seen in pictures published by Alstom.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
10c (diesel) 200 kmph 2.5 * 2000 kW 393 t 600 passengers
10c (electric) 200 kmph 1.6 * 4000 kW 393 t 600 passengers