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SNCF Class CC 72000 is a diesel locomotive.

These locomotives were designed to relieve lack of power of first diesel engines which didn't efficiently replace steam locomotives. Thus CC 72000 is powerful but pollutant and noisy as well. The first one was delivered in december 1967. It's used in freight service as well as passengers'service, it even pulled fast trains and border-crossing ones. Today, most of these locomotives are no longer used but to replace other locomotives in case of problem. Some have also been sold to Morroco.

Class CC 72000 can't be used in multiple unit.


Name Speed Power Weight Intro
SNCF_cc72000(bleue) 140 km/h 2250 kW 114 t 1967
SNCF_cc72000(Multiservice) 140 km/h 2250 kW 114 t 1969
SNCF_cc72000(En Voyage) 160 km/h 2250 kW 114 t 1972
SNCF_cc72000(fret) 140 km/h 2250 kW 114 t 1975