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SNCF Class BB 26000, dubbed “Sybic”, contraction of synchronous and dual-current, is an electric locomotive.

Class BB 26000 answer a need of multipurpose locomotives, able to pull heavy freight trains as well as fast passengers trains. Therefore, they are dual-current and use synchronous engines capable of high power. They are known as the most efficient locomotives among SNCF's. 264 units were ordered, 234 are delivered between 1988 and 1998, the last thirty have been upgraded to the next series : class BB36000 “Astride”.

Class BB 26000 can be used in multiple units.


Name Speed Power Weight
SNCF_bb26000(Fret) 140 km/h 5600 kW 90 t
SNCF_bb26000(Classique) 160 km/h 5600 kW 90 t
SNCF_bb26000(Multiservice) 180 km/h 5600 kW 90 t
SNCF_bb26000(En_Voyage) 200 km/h 5600 kW 90 t