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AGC (Autorails grand capacité - high capacity multiple unit) are series of either electric, diesel or dual-mode multiple units. They are used by SNCF for regional service, mostly outside of the region of Paris. AGC series were made by Bombardier, in Crespin (Northern France) from 2004 to 2011. The series are very similar, they are only differentiated by their motorization :

_ Z27500 “ZGC” : electric
_ X76500 “XGC” : diesel
_ B81500 and B82500 “BGC” : dual-mode

In total, 700 AGC trains were ordered and are currently serving in whole France. These trains are articulated (bogies placed between carriages), their limit speed is 160 km/h. Each region chose the livery of its AGC. This led to the creation of many liveries in addition to classic TER, Transilien or Carmillon liveries. There are also particular liveries for some trains.

AGC are used in multiple units composed of three to four carriages each.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
X76500 3c 160 kmph 1.6 * 1324 kW 136 t 227 passengers
X76500 4c 160 kmph 1.6 * 1324 kW 176 t 304 passengers
B81500 3c 160 kmph 1.3 * 1900 kW 136 t 227 passengers
B81500 4c 160 kmph 1.3 * 1900 kW 176 t 304 passengers