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Régio 2n

Regio2n are double-deck electric multiple units used for regional service.

Several French regions ordered regio2n trains to replace their old regional rolling stock. The regio2n, also called “hyper-dense carrier”, answer a need for new, comfortable and high capacity stock. These trains come in various configurations with different lengths and maximum speeds (160 kmph or 200 kmph).

Two versions were reproduced for Simutrans, a version at limit speed 160 kmph and a version at 200 kmph. It is possible to reproduce the four different compositions and to couple them in multiple units. However, their technical data are not strictly realistic due to the complexity of the trainsets and the lack of information. The data are adapted to fit well in pak128.

Composition Speed Power Weight Capacity
Z55500 6c 160 kmph 1.7 * 2400 kW 240 t 668 passengers
Z55500 7c 160 kmph 1.7 * 2400 kW 269 t 777 passengers
Z55500 8c 160 kmph 1.7 * 3200 kW 329 t 961 passengers
Z55500 10c 160 kmph 1.7 * 3200 kW 387 t 1208 passengers
Z56500 8c 200 kmph 2.0 * 3200 kW 329 t 772 passengers